Serving California's Central Coast for over 35 years, the husband-wife team of Fernando Batista and Barbara Moon-Batista offer commercial photography services both in studio and on location. Located in the heart of Monterey, this progressive studio has shot assignments including advertising and editorial compaigns, product launches and book projects. Batista Moon Studio specializes in agribusiness, foodservice and hospitality. 

"Barbara and Fernando bring years of experience, confidence and life to a project. I feel especially confident in shooting studio still life and advertising/promotion photographs that require attention to detail and beautiful light as well as a critical eye for successful concepts. Our more than 25-year relationship say it well"

-Jerry Takigawa, Takigawa Design


" This team's great talent is collaboration. They are a team that can develop exactly what the client is looking for. They ask the right questions, save time by doing fieldwork for you, book the product, provide support staff and build the sets. The Batistas are style chameleons willing to research your company in order to create a new style or to reflect the current style of the client. They are the best in the agricultural field.

-Maggie Bezart, Bezart Marketing


"This studio has a sense of wholeness. Barbara and Fernando are the best at bringing their clients' conception visually to light. With their combination of artistic and technical skills, they have created a setting that foster great work."

-Dee Munson, The Food Professionals

Batista Moon Studio offers digital camera work on all assingments and traditional film work when requested.

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