Journey in Pixels 2011

 This book will be available through MagCloud during the Christmas Season 2011 for review and or purchase. It is the collective portfolios of the Independent Photography Group of Batista Moon Studio that has been meeting regularly for almost 2 years. This class previously had an exhibit of their work at Tillie Gorts in Monterey in 2010 of their collective projects. This is a new approach to the process of creating a porfolio and exhbiting or sharing images. The process of collecting these images and making a statement on paper is quite different then a continuous stream of images, matted and put on a wall gallery style. Each page is a unit of 2--2 pages that the viewer will flip from page to page viewing images. We were fortunate enough to have a graphic designer in our group this session--Jon O'Keefe and want to thank him for all of his time in guiding us through this process. We also want to thank Rex Naden for his assistance with MagCloud as well. Our participants are: Virginia Courtney, Tracy Hagan, Matha Hogan, Jon O'Keefe, Marianne Glosenger, Barbara Moon Batista, Fernando Batista.